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Giuliano Calza’s vision for GCDS was to give what is ‘Made in Italy’ a younger approach. He continued his student career in Shanghai at the Shanghai University, once finished he returned back to his native country and founded the brand with his brother Giordano Calza in 2015.

The brand gained an important momentum by integrating it’s Made In Italy fashion with a strong visual identity in collaboration with world-renowned creative pioneers like Nadia Lee Cohen, Renelle Mendrano and Brianna Capozzi. Soon the celebrity following started showing genuine interest in what Giuliano Calza was doing with his fun, ironic and usually dreamy aesthetic and there came in his muses to support him like Dua Lipa, Kali Uchis, Chiara Ferragni, Bella Hadid, Pamela Anderson to name a few. The brand’s most iconic moment arrived with an unexpected partnership between GCDS and Barilla where a capsule collection of a box of pink Spaghetti enjoyed a short film, directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, which starred the one and only Sophia Loren for GCDS Christmas 2019.

Giuliano believes a colorful, light shell should contain a deeper meaning because only those who are well grounded and confident in their path can make fun of themselves and approach life with humour. This is why his light-hearted fashion comes with a deeper meaning and quality when you look into it such as the hidden details of Italian craftsmanship.

Recognized as the faces of a new Made In Italy wave on Forbes 2019 cover, Calza brothers are on a mission to keep the brand’s trajectory high by continuing to establish a firm ground for the brand’s fun, inclusive and interesting aesthetic to grow.